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Slow but helpful !

though people say its a slow app, it’s still very helpful and gives you discounts for in store!! i got a $30 backpack by being a PINK nation member (joining the app). normally there backpacks are around $60. it does slowly connect to the website when you shop on the app...

I Stan

That’s all I do, stan.

Best app ever

I love it I can find what I want when I want and any time ❤️

Love it!

The Vs Pink app is very helpful because it this gives me all the offers that they’re having and along with the events! It doesn’t go slow for me many people say it goes slow for them but not for me. I think it is a helpful app for Vs Pink lovers like me!

Vs pink

Love the app!

Love ❤️ 💕 💝 💗 this apple

I love pink


This App Is The Best! Great Deals


I love pink


It’s a great app


Great! I love the scratch offs and this app gives you great deals💗

VS pink ❤️ this app

Love this app I always shop at VS pink and I love using the app for sweet deals!❤️😊

Love this app

Always fun random games. Up to date sales etc. unfortunately it is super slow.

Nice Store But....

I love them so much but the app is horrible. Everytime you click off you have to sign back in and its supperrrrr slow you’re better off going in the store😑


It’s the best

Get it!

Essential if you love PINK to get the best deals and see what is new!


So many specials and alerts

Great but one thing

I just got this app a week ago and I am so far loving it the only thing I can’t find is the games I don’t know where to find them I looked everywhere.

Not slow on my phone

I have an iPhone. The app works fine

PINK review

The app PINK is amazing! I have been able to save a lot of money and been able to get some great deals💋

Love it!

I love it


I love pink and victorious secret so much 💕

Best app ever!

LOVE!!!! 💕💕


I love this app! I love being able to peek at Pink/VS items quickly using the app! Sometimes there’s mini games within the app that help past time. Most of all, I just like being “in the know” using the app with the latest items and sales.

AMAZING !!!!! 😍💘

I love the VS & Pink app so freaking much !!! I’m not much of an online shopper (nothing ever fits) but I literally wanna buy everything off this app. It’s so amazing and I highly recommend you get the app, plus you get notifications when there’s new rewards and deals which I enjoy, b/c who doesn’t love saving money?😂 All I have to say is GO DOWNLOAD THIS APP RIGHT NOW !!!!! IT’S AMAZINGGGGG !!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍


I love it. It makes it so much easier to Shop


This is a great app you get some exclusive things when or member

Pink lover

I love this app so much you get great deals


I love your brand !!!


good app


I absolutely love the app always has the best deals and cutest wallpapers. I love it!

Great app

People who they app slow there phone and internet isn’t working right and needs to get fixed because this app working

Pink review

I love this store all their beauty products like perfumes and lotions are so nice. Pink has the best sales. I’ve been going to pink for a while me and my sister the workers are very nice and make sure that you have everything you want.

Use website.

Doesn’t let you sign in. Says to call a number which is a waste of time. Just fix the app already it’s been months like this.


App is a little slow here and there but excellent customer service❤️❤️❤️❤️

Luv it

I love this app bc I get discounts and get to buy stuff but I wish you could see your email and password bc sometimes I forget it so yea

My Daughter Loves Pink

Every piece I purchase from pink/ Victoria S. Long lasting quality and my daughter loves everything she get from pink.

Great app

I love pink and this app is always have a great deals and new things


This app is so slow it always glitches! Twice it added some other item to my cart! I added my item again and they shipped me the wrong stuff. They really need to work on the app it is so slow and has to many glitches. Horrible. I buy so many stuff from here but I’m so over this app.

Pink Nation App

I love it because u can shop get good deals and get deals in the store

Pink is the best

Enjoy the clothes and coupons!!

Love it!

Super cute!

Victoria Secret

I really enjoy shopping with u all thanks


I LOVE VS and Pink, I only shop in Pink Becca that’s more my size. Everyone should go to Pink or Vs

Love this app!!

Totally LOVE this app!! It’s easy to navigate. VS/ PINK is always having sales. Quality of their clothes and intimates are so good! Definitely download the app if you love the store and shop there a lot!


I like the app a lot!! It’s a super quick and easy way to get deals and get to the app

I love it so much

So good not a scam


Great and fast easy to get what I want

It’s a really great store.

They really should have way more jackets for sale tho

Very slow

This app is very slow and it glitches a lot.


Nice clothing😍

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