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Garbage app

App is slow and unresponsive. Click over and over to get where you need to go. I was in the middle of shopping and had to stop to do something else; did not close the app... when I returned nothing was in my bag!!! Grrrrrrr😠

So slow & doesn’t work

Love pink but you app is horrible ☹️!

Absolutely love

Everything is so well sorted out and the app is just very nice to have if you love PINK!

Touch ID

For some reason the Touch ID never works for me!

take my money!!!

the app will never let me check out! i can add stuff to my cart and view my cart but once i try to check out it does nothing

Can’t login

I love the app but recently I haven’t been able to login. It keeps saying error and try later. I’ve been trying for a week. I even tried to make a new account and it said the same thing. It’s happening on both Pink and VS app.


I love pink I would wear it over any Nike or Jordan brand any day

Shipping to P.O. Box

This app gives you the option to ship to your PO Box but when you put the exact address and your box number it gives an error message. So I changed it I just put the exact address and the P.O. Box number with the zip code in the zip code box. I go to save it and it changes the whole thing. Fix please.... I don’t want my stuff delivered to the wrong person. Oh and the confirmation and tracking number given to me was wrong and it says it was delivered somewhere else in a whole other state. I honestly think you guys have been hacked. And after this order I’m never ordering on your app again.


Love this app BUT every time i open the app it automatically logs me out and every day i have to re log in and i have the use touch id option on but it doesnt even let me use it


Always login me out

Free gift

Was excited to try this app my daughter wanted the plush dog they were giving out so I downloaded the app and when I went to pay the cashier said it was not available anymore and I clearly saw some on there counter.... very disappointed


The app keeps messing up even after deleting and redone loading. Lost my coupon for becoming a new member then it will pop up a couple of days later go to click it and it’s gone. Lost my trophies twice even though I was on the app a couple of times each day to keep my streak and for a couple of days they wouldn’t even respond when I held on them.

I love pink

I love pink nation everything fit just the way I wanted to fix.


Love the app, but sadly it’s slow and freezes a lot! 👎🏽

Annoying codes!

Codes don’t work well. I put in a code and it said wrong code so I did it over and over. I realized that the $20 off code was actually a scam you couldn’t get anything for sale and everything was so expensive. I went over $60 so I removed it all and got something for cheaper. It was super annoying.


Love this app and store!


This PINK app is Awesome‼️🌸

Fix the cheating bugs.

They currently have a promo going on to play a game for a $10 gift card. The #1 score is at 6 million. At most the score before was at 400,000. This is ridiculous. How can you make an app that is easily hacked to manipulate games?


I lovw this app! Super fun. Super gorgs. Super fab. But lately I havnt been able to log. I have tried from Iphone and Android devices


It’s addicting once you get the app! Don’t download unless you’re ready to spend 🤣😫

5 star

This is an amazing app!

Love it

Best fragrance out there.

I love the pink app so much,honestly I go on here everyday,to see what’s new!


Meh needs updating

It works for the most part but I don’t have the MVP game thing on my app. The app is buggy and crashes a lot. And doesn’t properly update on my phone even after I delete and reinstall it.

App is very frustrating

I have an iphone7, an iPad, and laptop and still can’t get Pink Nation loaded. It keeps saying that something with web server. Shopping on website is just as bad as in slow or can’t even get to it. This has been going on for a year now. I’m VS credit card holder and by me not being about to get the Pink app, I usually just decide to buy somewhere else. It’s a shame you can’t this app up to speed and and the website.

Pink love ❤️

I can get all my shopping done...out going to the store I love this app❤️💕🤪

Not as great as I hoped

I loved this app at first, then one day I tried to “check in” and it deleted all of my progress and made me start over! It’s so frustrating!!!! And the app is sooo ssssslllllllooooowwwwwwwww!!!!! Honestly I’m just disappointed 😔

Terrible App

Start up is slow. Loading is slow. The promo for points with the trophies that they have going on now. Every time I go back in the app it forgets all the trophies I had and some days wouldn’t even let me load a new trophy. Shame. All the money people spend and you guys can’t get a decent app.

Keeps me up to date

I enjoy new trends and PINK has colors,logos and glitter on there outfits and I love standing out !

Happy customer

I love this app!

Sign in

App keeps asking me to sign-in every time it is opened. If I wanted to do that, I would just log in on-line. Please fix. Not everyone remembers their log-in info for Pink.


Quality used to be way better and the sizing is so small now invest in xl you would have more customers


I love this app


For starters i love the update, everything is so much better, like it’s not slow like it used to be, and when i remove something from my bag it actually removes. But every time i get off the app i have to sign back in. Literally every single time. Why?? Please fix this. This is an add on,, so I love the little matching game but every time i play i can’t get off and back to the app with out having to get off the entire app and that is really annoying please fix.

Don’t work

I trying to sign in and I can’t because received a message with opps unexpected error internal server or web application. When you resolve this?

MVP Status

I’m on my 10 consecutive day of trophies and I’ve pressed and held down in the 10th trophy but it says “Something went wrong, try again later!” Please fix this issue❗️


Since the new update, nothing on the app will load 😑 I keep refreshing it and nothing. I just keep getting “error”.

So slow and buggy

The app is cool so you get insight on sales and other offers. This whole app is so buggy though, even after it says they’ve updated it to where there’s not bugs. Actually fix it please. I can get my MVP status because the app keeps telling me there’s a problem.

Pink for Teens

I Love the selection that Victoria Secrets have for the very young Generation I purchase for my grands and will be in to purchase so very much more of their selection My grand daughter loves all that she picked out makes me so very happy (Charlie) is So Very Wonderful !!!!!

Bad app

I can’t enter in my account always show me they have problem internal so hope they can fixed the problem.

Fun zone

Can we just talk about the fun section for a moment. I’m either getting jipped with colors or this game is rigged.

Not working

I love the app and victoria secret but the pink app keeps logging me out and saying i so not have a email or a profile . I do have a profile and emails and passwords but its keeps forgetting and i need to keep regenerating passwords It is very annoying that it keeps doing that

i don’t like it


It’s great

The pink app is one of my favorite apps. It’s pretty great.

Wow this app is soooo amazing

I really love this app because it has good deals pink is the best.

Pink Nation

Love this app It’s amazing And keeps you updated

Me encanta

Si quieres gastar menos en algo bueno descarga esta app te ayudará a ahorrar mucho en tus compras

MD Myra

Love VS 💕


Best quality , and deals !!!

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